10km - Great Pyramids challenge

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Welcome to #TriThisAtHome, the most exciting virtual challenge yet!

You are taking part in the Great Pyramids Challenge. Run, cycle or walk 10km and donate funds to support Restless Development and young people around the world. Collectively, we will travel 40,075km around the world!


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Go! Complete your challenge and donate £5 to Restless Development

Run, cycle or walk 10k and this will contribute to the grand total ofo 40.075km. Together we will travel the world, from Tanzania to Argentina, learning fun, educational facts along the way. Challenge yourself, your friends and your family, and let's travel the world to change the world!


You have until the 30th of August to complete your challenge. Get active and get involved, because together we can make a huge difference.


Thank you for your support and see you virtually in Egypt!

10km - Great Pyramids challenge

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    10km - Great Pyramids challenge